Irina Ostrovskaya

Milchakova st. 8a, Rostov-on-Don, 344090, Russia
Southern federal University


Kurakin L. G., Ostrovskaya I. V.
A stability analysis of the stationary rotation of a system of $N$ identical point Bessel vortices lying uniformly on a circle of radius $R$ is presented. The vortices have identical intensity $\Gamma$ and length scale $\gamma^{-1}>0$. The stability of the stationary motion is interpreted as equilibrium stability of a reduced system. The quadratic part of the Hamiltonian and eigenvalues of the linearization matrix are studied. The cases for $N=2,\ldots,6$ are studied sequentially. The case of odd $N=2\ell+1\geqslant 7$ vortices and the case of even $N=2n\geqslant 8$ vortices are considered separately. It is shown that the $(2\ell+1)$-gon is exponentially unstable for $0 < \gamma R < R_*(N)$. However, this $(2\ell+1)$-gon is stable for $\gamma R\geqslant R_*(N)$ in the case of the linearized problem (the eigenvalues of the linearization matrix lie on the imaginary axis). The even $N=2n\geqslant 8$ vortex $2n$-gon is exponentially unstable for $R>0$.
Keywords: $N$-vortex problem, point Bessel vortices, Hamiltonian dynamics, stability
Citation: Kurakin L. G., Ostrovskaya I. V.,  On Stability of Thomson’s Vortex $N$-gon in the Geostrophic Model of the Point Bessel Vortices, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2017, vol. 22, no. 7, pp. 865-879

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