S. Astakhov

Astrakhanskaya st., 83, 410012, Saratov, Russia
Saratov State University


Anishchenko V. S., Astakhov S. V., Vadivasova T. E.
In this paper we summarize and substantiate the relative metric entropy approach introduced in our previous papers [1,2]. Using this approach we study the mixing influence of noise on both regular and chaotic systems. We show that the synchronization phenomenon as well as stochastic resonance decrease, the degree of mixing is caused by white Gaussian noise.
Keywords: noisy dynamical systems, entropy, mixing, Kolmogorov entropy, recurrency plot
Citation: Anishchenko V. S., Astakhov S. V., Vadivasova T. E.,  Diagnostics of the degree of noise influence on a nonlinear system using relative metric entropy, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2010, vol. 15, nos. 2-3, pp. 261-273

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