Moosa Ayati

Kargar St. North, Tehran, Iran
School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran


Roozegar  M., Mahjoob M. J., Ayati M.
This paper deals with adaptive estimation of the unknown parameters and states of a pendulum-driven spherical robot (PDSR), which is a nonlinear in parameters (NLP) chaotic system with parametric uncertainties. Firstly, the mathematical model of the robot is deduced by applying the Newton–Euler methodology for a system of rigid bodies. Then, based on the speed gradient (SG) algorithm, the states and unknown parameters of the robot are estimated online for different step length gains and initial conditions. The estimated parameters are updated adaptively according to the error between estimated and true state values. Since the errors of the estimated states and parameters as well as the convergence rates depend significantly on the value of step length gain, this gain should be chosen optimally. Hence, a heuristic fuzzy logic controller is employed to adjust the gain adaptively. Simulation results indicate that the proposed approach is highly encouraging for identification of this NLP chaotic system even if the initial conditions change and the uncertainties increase; therefore, it is reliable to be implemented on a real robot.
Keywords: nonholonomic spherical robot, adaptive estimation, nonlinear in parameters, speed gradient method; fuzzy logic controller, Newton–Euler strategy
Citation: Roozegar  M., Mahjoob M. J., Ayati M.,  Adaptive Estimation of Nonlinear Parameters of a Nonholonomic Spherical Robot Using a Modified Fuzzy-based Speed Gradient Algorithm, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2017, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 226-238

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