Tianyi Chu


Chu T., Llewellyn Smith S. G.
Helical Contour Dynamics
2021, vol. 26, no. 6, pp.  600-617
The equations of motion for an incompressible flow with helical symmetry (invariance under combined axial translation and rotation) can be expressed as nonlinear evolution laws for two scalars: vorticity and along-helix velocity. A metric term related to the pitch of the helix enters these equations, which reduce to two-dimensional and axisymmetric dynamics in appropriate limits. We take the vorticity and along-helix velocity component to be piecewise constant. In addition to this vortex patch, a vortex sheet develops when the along-helix velocity is nonzero.We obtain a contour dynamics formulation of the full nonlinear equations of motion, in which the motion of the boundary is computed in a Lagrangian fashion and the velocity field can be expressed as contour integrals, reducing the dimensionality of the computation. We investigate the stability properties of a circular vortex patch along the axis of the helix in the presence of a vortex sheet and along-helix velocity. A linear stability calculation shows that the system is stable when the initial vortex sheet is zero, but can be stable or unstable in the presence of a vortex sheet. Using contour dynamics, we examine the nonlinear evolution of the system, and show that nonlinear effects become important in unstable cases.
Keywords: vortex dynamics, contour dynamics, vortex patch, vortex sheet, helical geometry
Citation: Chu T., Llewellyn Smith S. G.,  Helical Contour Dynamics, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2021, vol. 26, no. 6, pp. 600-617
Llewellyn Smith S. G., Chang C., Chu T., Blyth M., Hattori Y., Salman H.
Generalized Contour Dynamics: A Review
2018, vol. 23, no. 5, pp.  507-518
Contour dynamics is a computational technique to solve for the motion of vortices in incompressible inviscid flow. It is a Lagrangian technique in which the motion of contours is followed, and the velocity field moving the contours can be computed as integrals along the contours. Its best-known examples are in two dimensions, for which the vorticity between contours is taken to be constant and the vortices are vortex patches, and in axisymmetric flow for which the vorticity varies linearly with distance from the axis of symmetry. This review discusses generalizations that incorporate additional physics, in particular, buoyancy effects and magnetic fields, that take specific forms inside the vortices and preserve the contour dynamics structure. The extra physics can lead to time-dependent vortex sheets on the boundaries, whose evolution must be computed as part of the problem. The non-Boussinesq case, in which density differences can be important, leads to a coupled system for the evolution of both mean interfacial velocity and vortex sheet strength. Helical geometry is also discussed, in which two quantities are materially conserved and whose evolution governs the flow.
Keywords: vortex dynamics, contour dynamics, vortex patch, vortex sheet, helical geometry
Citation: Llewellyn Smith S. G., Chang C., Chu T., Blyth M., Hattori Y., Salman H.,  Generalized Contour Dynamics: A Review, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2018, vol. 23, no. 5, pp. 507-518

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