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Daniil Burlakov


Burlakov D., Treschev D. V.
A Rigid Body on a Surface with Random Roughness
2014, vol. 19, no. 3, pp.  296-309
Consider an interval on a horizontal line with random roughness. With probability one it is supported at two points: one on the left, and another on the right from its center. We compute the probability distribution of the support points provided the roughness is fine grained. We also solve an analogous problem where a circle or a disk lies on a rough plane. Some applications in static are given.
Keywords: rigid body, support with random roughness
Citation: Burlakov D., Treschev D. V.,  A Rigid Body on a Surface with Random Roughness, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2014, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 296-309

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