Spherical Robot of Combined Type: Dynamics and Control

    2015, Volume 20, Number 6, pp.  716-728

    Author(s): Kilin A. A., Pivovarova E. N., Ivanova T. B.

    This paper is concerned with free and controlled motions of a spherical robot of combined type moving by displacing the center of mass and by changing the internal gyrostatic momentum. Equations of motion for the nonholonomic model are obtained and their first integrals are found. Fixed points of the reduced system are found in the absence of control actions. It is shown that they correspond to the motion of the spherical robot in a straight line and in a circle. A control algorithm for the motion of the spherical robot along an arbitrary trajectory is presented. A set of elementary maneuvers (gaits) is obtained which allow one to transfer the spherical robot from any initial point to any end point.
    Keywords: spherical robot, control, nonholonomic constraint, combined mechanism
    Citation: Kilin A. A., Pivovarova E. N., Ivanova T. B., Spherical Robot of Combined Type: Dynamics and Control, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2015, Volume 20, Number 6, pp. 716-728

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