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Galina Strelkova

Astrakhanskaya street, 83, Saratov, 410012 Russia
Saratov State University


Nikishina N. N., Rybalova E. V., Strelkova G. I., Vadivasova T. E.
Destruction of Cluster Structures in an Ensemble of Chaotic Maps with Noise-modulated Nonlocal Coupling
2022, vol. 27, no. 2, pp.  242-251
We study numerically the spatio-temporal dynamics of a ring network of nonlocally coupled logistic maps when the coupling strength is modulated by colored Gaussian noise. Two cases of noise modulation are considered: 1) when the coupling coefficients characterizing the influence of neighbors on different elements are subjected to independent noise sources, and 2) when the coupling coefficients for all the network elements are modulated by the same stochastic signal. Without noise, the ring of chaotic maps exhibits a chimera state. The impact of noisemodulated coupling between the ring elements is explored when the parameter, which controls the correlation time and the spectral width of colored noise, and the noise intensity are varied. We investigate how the spatio-temporal structures observed in the ring evolve as the noise parameters change. The numerical results obtained are used to construct regime diagrams for the two cases of noise modulation. Our findings show the possibility of controlling the spatial structures in the ring in the presence of noise. Depending on the type of noise modulation, the spectral properties and intensity of colored noise, one can suppress the incoherent clusters of chimera states, and induce the regime of solitary states or synchronize chaotic oscillations of all the ring elements.
Keywords: spatio-temporal dynamics, network, nonlocal coupling, chimera state, colored noise, noise modulation
Citation: Nikishina N. N., Rybalova E. V., Strelkova G. I., Vadivasova T. E.,  Destruction of Cluster Structures in an Ensemble of Chaotic Maps with Noise-modulated Nonlocal Coupling, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2022, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 242-251

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