Reduction of Divisors and the Clebsch System

    2022, Volume 27, Number 3, pp.  307-319

    Author(s): Tsiganov A. V.

    There are a few Lax matrices of the Clebsch system. Poles of the Baker – Akhiezer function determine the class of equivalent divisors on the corresponding spectral curves. According to the Riemann – Roch theorem, each class has a unique reduced representative. We discuss properties of such a reduced divisor on the spectral curve of $3\times 3$ Lax matrix having a natural generalization to $gl^*(n)$ case.
    Keywords: Lax matrices, poles of the Baker – Akhiezer function, reduction of divisors
    Citation: Tsiganov A. V., Reduction of Divisors and the Clebsch System, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2022, Volume 27, Number 3, pp. 307-319

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