Multiple Reductions, Foliations and the Dynamics of Cluster Maps

    2018, Volume 23, Number 1, pp.  102-119

    Author(s): Cruz I., Mena-Matos H., Sousa-Dias M.

    Reduction of cluster maps via presymplectic and Poisson structures is described in terms of the canonical foliations defined by these structures. In the case where multiple reductions coexist, we establish conditions on the underlying presymplectic and Poisson structures that allow for an interplay between the respective foliations. It is also shown how this interplay may be explored to simplify the analysis and obtain an effective geometric description of the dynamics of the original (not reduced) map. Consequences of the approach we developed to the description of several features of some cluster maps dynamics are illustrated by two examples which include the Somos-5 map and an instance of a Somos-7 map.
    Keywords: presymplectic manifolds, Poisson manifolds, foliations, cluster maps
    Citation: Cruz I., Mena-Matos H., Sousa-Dias M., Multiple Reductions, Foliations and the Dynamics of Cluster Maps, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2018, Volume 23, Number 1, pp. 102-119

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