Parametric Stability in Robe’s Problem

    2016, Volume 21, Number 1, pp.  126-135

    Author(s): Valeriano L.

    In this work we have given a Hamiltonian formulation to Robe’s problem, obtaining again the classic results. We have computed the resonances existing in the circular case and obtained some information with regard to the linear stability of the central equilibrium of Robe’s problem in the elliptic case. In some critical cases we have constructed, in the parameter plane, the boundary curves that separate the regions of stability and instability.
    Keywords: Robe’s problem, restricted three-body problem, parametric stability
    Citation: Valeriano L., Parametric Stability in Robe’s Problem, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2016, Volume 21, Number 1, pp. 126-135

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