Hamiltonization of the generalized Veselova LR system

    2009, Volume 14, Numbers 4-5, pp.  495-505

    Author(s): Fedorov Y. N., Jovanović B.

    We revise the solution to the problem of Hamiltonization of the $n$-dimensional Veselova non-holonomic system studied previously in [1]. Namely, we give a short and direct proof of the hamiltonization theorem and also show the trajectorial equivalence of the problem with the geodesic flow on the ellipsoid.
    Keywords: nonholonomic systems, integrability, geodesic flows
    Citation: Fedorov Y. N., Jovanović B., Hamiltonization of the generalized Veselova LR system, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2009, Volume 14, Numbers 4-5, pp. 495-505

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