Elliptic curves and a new construction of integrable systems

    2009, Volume 14, Numbers 4-5, pp.  466-478

    Author(s): Dragović V., Gajić B.

    A class of elliptic curves with associated Lax matrices is considered. A family of dynamical systems on $e(3)$ parametrized by polynomial a with the above Lax matrices are constructed. Five cases from the family are selected by the condition of preserving the standard measure. Three of them are Hamiltonian. It is proved that two other cases are not Hamiltonian in the standard Poisson structure on $e(3)$. Integrability of all five cases is proven. Integration procedures are performed in all five cases. Separation of variables in Sklyanin sense is also given. A connection with Hess-Appel’rot system is established. A sort of separation of variables is suggested for the Hess-Appel’rot system.
    Keywords: elliptic curves, $L-A$ pair, integrability, Hess-Appel’rot system, separation of variables
    Citation: Dragović V., Gajić B., Elliptic curves and a new construction of integrable systems, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2009, Volume 14, Numbers 4-5, pp. 466-478

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