On a paper of Moeckel on central configurations

    2003, Volume 8, Number 2, pp.  133-142

    Author(s): Albouy A.

    This paper is devoted to general properties of the central configurations: we do not make any restriction on the number $n\geqslant$3 of particles nor on the dimension $d\geqslant1$ of the configuration. Part 7 considers however the particular case $n=d+2$, of interest because the case $n=4$, $d=2$ is the first for which we cannot solve the equations for central configurations. Our main result is Proposition 6, which gives some estimates implying an important estimate due to [23]. Our main tool is Equation $(4.5)$.
    Citation: Albouy A., On a paper of Moeckel on central configurations, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2003, Volume 8, Number 2, pp. 133-142

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