Kinetics of Collisionless Continuous Medium

    2001, Volume 6, Number 3, pp.  235-251

    Author(s): Kozlov V. V.

    In this article we develop Poincaré ideas about a heat balance of ideal gas considered as a collisionless continuous medium. We obtain the theorems on diffusion in nondegenerate completely integrable systems. As a corollary we show that for any initial distribution the gas will be eventually irreversibly and uniformly distributed over all volume, although every particle during this process approaches arbitrarily close to the initial position indefinitely many times. However, such individual returnability is not uniform, which results in diffusion in a reversible and conservative system. Balancing of pressure and internal energy of ideal gas is proved, the formulas for limit values of these quantities are given and the classical law for ideal gas in a heat balance is deduced. It is shown that the increase of entropy of gas under the adiabatic extension follows from the law of motion of a collisionless continuous medium.
    Citation: Kozlov V. V., Kinetics of Collisionless Continuous Medium, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2001, Volume 6, Number 3, pp. 235-251

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