On a Partially Hyperbolic KAM Theorem

    1999, Volume 4, Number 4, pp.  39-58

    Author(s): Rudnev M., Wiggins S.

    We prove structural stability under small perturbations of a family of real analytic Hamiltonian systems of $n+1$ degrees of freedom $(n \geqslant 2)$, comprising an invariant partially hyperbolic $n$-torus with the Kronecker flow on it with a diophantine frequency, and an unstable (stable) exact Lagrangian submanifold (whisker), containing this torus. This is the preservation of the exact Lagrangian properties of the whisker that we focus upon. Hence, we develop a Normal form, which is valid globally in the neighborhood of the perturbed whisker and enables its representation as an exact Lagrangian submanifold in the original coordinates, whose generating function solves the Hamilton–Jacobi equation.
    Citation: Rudnev M., Wiggins S., On a Partially Hyperbolic KAM Theorem, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 1999, Volume 4, Number 4, pp. 39-58

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