Averaging in a neighborhood of stable invariant tori

    1997, Volume 2, Numbers 3-4, pp.  41-46

    Author(s): Kozlov V. V.

    We analyse the operation of averaging of smooth functions along exact trajectories of dynamic systems in a neighborhood of stable nonresonance invariant tori. It is shown that there exists the first integral after the averaging; however in the typical situation the mean value is discontinuous or even not everywhere defind. If the temporal mean were a smooth function it would take its stationary values in the points of nondegenerate invariant tori. We demonstrate that this result can be properly derived if we change the operations of averaging and differentiating with respect to the initial data by their places. However, in general case for nonstable tori this property is no longer preserved. We also discuss the role of the reducibility condition of the invariant tori and the possibility of the generalization for the case of arbitrary compact invariant manifolds on which the initial dynamic system is ergodic.
    Citation: Kozlov V. V., Averaging in a neighborhood of stable invariant tori, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 1997, Volume 2, Numbers 3-4, pp. 41-46

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